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What is it?

Kava is a Western Pacific plant that have roots that produce a drink with sedative and anesthetic properties,the main active ingredient in the Kava plant is kavalactones. It is mostly consumed to relax without disrupting the mental clarity. The Kava roots are used when dreid as it conatins approximatley 43% Starch, 20% fibers, 15% kavalactones, 12% water, 3.4% sugar, 3.6% proteins and 3.2% minerls, where as fesh roots contain 80% water. The roots are grounded down to a pounder then added to a solution. When Kava is consumed, the active chemicals are absorbed through the stomach into the bloodstream and passes throught the brain.

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Signs & Symptons

Some people claim to be 'drunk' on Kava, but it does not contain alchol. When someone is thought to be 'drunk' on Kava they cannot walk or talk properly, very friendly, dizzy, sleepy or acts 'funny'. Kava induces sleep and muscle relaxation or loss, and depending on the strength of a Kava mixture it can lead to a psychoactive effect.
In small amounts of Kava causes; mild sleepiness, relaxation of muscles, feelings of happiness, numbness of the mouth and throat and possible loss of appetite. Large amounts of Kava causes; loss of muscle control, sleepiness/stupor, pupil dilation and redness of the eyes and a sick feeling.

Long Term Effects

The most common long term effect of Kava is if taken in larger consumptions or the stem or leaves of the plant are consumed on the Kava mixture, can lead to liver toxicity. People who have consumed large amount of time drinking Kava have been neglecting their family and community duties. People have also have no money left for food or other essentials fomr spending large amounts of money buying Kava.

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The most common reasons teenagers use drugs are that they think it is fun, peer pressure, to relax when they have exams and school work and to be cool.